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General Terms of Conditions (GTC)

Dear customer

We are happy to offer you our online catalog exclusively for reseller. We have chosen this type of catalog in order to provide you with a fast and efficient service with lowest and thus competitive prices.

Each article can be ordered individually, a minimum order quantity of the same does not exist.


All prices are given in EURO and do not include the applicable VAT.

Bulk Purchase

Orders over € 250,- have a 3%discount
Orders over € 500,- have a 6%discount
Orders over € 750,- have a 9%discount
Orders over € 1000,- have a 12%discount
Orders over € 1500,- have a 15%discount
Orders over € 2500,- have a 20%discount
Orders over € 5000,- have a 25%discount
Orders over € 10000,- have a 30%discount


Shipping costs are: € 4,95 and do not include the applicable VAT..

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