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An essential element of B-GIS is the contribution by beekeepers.
Registering to B-GIS has the following advantages:
  1. You can transfer data, such as Varroa infestation data, to B-GIS.
  2. You can register the position of your apiaries, e.g. to get automatically information on AFB quarantine areas close to your apiaries.
  3. You can request to receive regular updates on health related issues.
Registration is voluntary, free of charge and anonymous. You will receive an ID and a password with which you can manage your account. We simply ask you, in your written or oral request, to tell us your name, address and possibly the local association in which you are a member so that we can verify your identity. This data will not be saved. We reserve the right to refuse requests.Note that only persons who have apiaries in Styria can register.
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