Plasma Coating

ICS GmbH (Induflex Coating Systems) mainly develops processes for surface refinement
and production systems for realization of those.
For example easy to handle and cost efficient processes for self- cleaning and highly hydrophobic surfaces.

A use for this specific surface is everywhere where a pollution of surfaces should be
avoided or removed. Such surface can be applied on metals, glass, plastic or ceramics as
on mass production articles with many geometries.

Coating of packages is a wide and special range.

With our experience in innovative solutions in the range of flexible packaging we possess
broad technical know-how and close relations to customers in this range of industry.

Together with the leading german developer of process engineering Fraunhofer Institut
we developed a surface to improve pouring out of liquids out of flexible packages.

Our strength - Complete fulfillment

• Sample providing
• Analytics
• Prototype production
• Serial production
• Plant engineering and production
• Integration in your production line
• Service
• Exclusiveness

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