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   King Crimson: Three of a Perfect Pair
Price: 13.35 €
Cat-Nr.: DGM0510
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 30.11.2015

VÖ Datum: 29.03.05
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Adrian Belew: Guitar, Lead Vocal
Robert Fripp: Guitar, Organ, Frippertronics
Tony Levin: Stick, Bass Guitar, Support Vocal
Bill Bruford: Drumming

Having released two albums in a nine month period between October 1981 and July 1982, the 80s King Crimson was absent from record release schedules until 1984 when the Sleepless single, along with accompanying 12” dance mix version and video was issued in March as a teaser for the forthcoming album. The album, Three of a Perfect Pair was released in April. To coincide with the release, the band set off on a Japanese tour (as can be seen on the Neal and Jack and Me DVD) at the end of the same month, followed by a lengthy tour through the US and Canada, culminating in a pair of concerts in Montreal in July (immortalized on the Absent Lovers album). The album and tour were the final recorded and live statements for the 1980s band, with the various members returning to their solo interests immediately afterwards.

Three of a Perfect Pair is the final part of the recorded trilogy begun by Discipline and Beat. From the lovely opening title track, via the urgent rush of the Sleepless single through to the album’s closer Larks’ Tongues in Aspic III, (the title a slight nod to Crimson gems from the 70s lineups) their distinctive mixture of rock, electronica, funk and pure pop songs, ensured the group’s status as one of the most interesting and innovative bands of the decade.

The 80s lineup had lasted less than four years – recording three studio albums in that time and undertaking numerous tours, but left a remarkable recorded legacy. This final piece of that studio output is augmented with extra tracks including all of the mixes of Sleepless, two slabs of electronica and the band’s only recorded excursion into barber shop quartet vocals complete with humourous lyrics – “We’re the King Crimson band, we don’t do 21st Century schizoid Man..” Ultimately, a King Crimson lineup including all four members of the 80s band, would perform Schizoid Man – but that would have to wait for another decade.

CD 1

Left Side
1  Three of a Perfect Pair  
2  Model Man  
3  Sleepless  
4  Man with an Open Heart  
5  Nuages (That Which Passes, Passes Like Clouds)  
6  Industry  

Right Side
7  Dig Me  
8  No Warning  
9  Larks’ Tongues in Aspic III  
10  The King Crimson Barber Shop  

The Other Side
11  Industrial Zone A  
12  Industrial Zone B  
13  Sleepless (Tony Levin mix)  
14  Sleepless (Bob Clearmountain mix)  
15  Sleepless (Dance mix – F. Kervorkian)  

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