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   Carmelilla Montoya: Homenaje
Price: 18.95 €
Cat-Nr.: KAR7729
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 30.11.2015

VÖ Datum: 06.07.12
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CARMELILLA MONTOYA is a singer and dancer who flaunt the flamenco art of Triana. She now pays tribute to the artists which she has collaborated with along her career, with this new project called “Homenaje” (“Homage”); a record that features guest collaborations from some of the greatest flamenco artists today.

The youngest from the Montoya family was witness of an era where singing and dancing within the family was the only school where kids learn the art of flamenco. Brought up in a utterly artistic environment, she soon started performing with Montoya Family, including Camarón de la Isla and Pata Negra with whom she toured the world, doing her bit to consolidate these myths in the history of flamenco.

Later on she would embark on her solo career, playing the leading role as dancer and singer in different flamenco shows and plays as important as Antonio Canales’ Amantes, Los Tarantos, Montoyas, Gitanas, Fedra... She also collaborated in some important flamenco recordings such as Triana and Montoya en Familia.

“Homenaje” is the subtle new project which she has now embarked on, to combine deep feelings and moments of joy under a modern concept but swearing an oath of loyalty to the established flamenco patterns from her origin: bulerías, tangos, seguirillas, soleá, tanguillos, etc… The tone of her voice gives off a sweetness that perfectly harmonizes with every guest artist’s style. Her duet with Remedios Amaya leads to a graceful and powerful bulería; so does with La Tana’s soleá; Raimundo Amador strokes some tanguillos with his electric guitar; her more‐than‐aduet, a duel of silhouettes with Miguel Poveda; her bulería al golpe with Alba Molina, dedicated to Manuel Molina, etc.

CD 1
1  Noches de luna (Tangos)  
2  Sensaciones (Balada por bulería)  
3  Celos del aire (Rumba)  
4  Fandangos de la rosa (Fandangos)  
5  Carmelilla (Bulería)  
6  Canción al alba (Tanguillos)  
7  Amanece el día (Bulería)  
8  Alma desnuda (Seguirilla)  
9  Suena Manueé (Bulería al golpe)  
10  Ríos y manantiales (Soleá)  
11  Bonus Track  

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