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   Terje Isungset: Hibernation
Price: 18.45 €
Cat-Nr.: ALLICE0905
Format: CD
In Stock. Possible shipping date for Germany: 29.11.2015

VÖ Datum: 06.03.09
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Hibernation is Isungsets 5th recording of ice music. This recording is focused on the northern part of Norway and the people living there.

Sara Marielle Gaup (known from the sami band Adjagas) is singing beautiful lullabies from Lapland in a winterlandscape made out of ice. A silent and beautiful winter meditation. Isungset is playing on ice only: All instruments are made out of pure frozen water(icepercussion, icehorn, icedidgeridoo). The CD is recorded in an igloo at Geilo - Norway January 2008.

Terje Isungset is a pioneer in icemusic. He started his work with ice 10 years ago and made the worlds first icemusicrecoring.He also had the idea of starting an icemiusicfestival.

As a musician and composer he is well known for lots of other projects (

All together he has recorded 60 CDs and made more than 30 comissioned compositions.

In 2008 Isungset receved the highly prestigious prize: Edvardprisen for his work with the ice music. For more information:

CD 1
1  Vena Leikros  
2  Hibernation  
3  Eadni vuohttu mana  
4  Cahcelottas  
5  Polar Night  
6  Nohkkadanlavlla  
7  Sunrise horizon  
8  Olgun coaska biegga  
9  Go north  
10  Varjjatvuotna  
11  Sledge ride  
12  Starlit  

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