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7 x Connection coupling for cable role
5 x Ground-cables with reel
5 x Connection braid for metal-track
8 x Epeč Hitmate
6 x Plastic mask
11 x Roll bag "Jumbo"
12 x Roll bag "Ecoline"
12 x Roll bag "Fencing"
15 x Fence bag "Ecoline"
14 x Rollbag "Fencing Pro"
13 x Substitute-wheel for "Duo, Twin, Jumbo"
10 x Allstar Weapon bag "Extra"
12 x Allstar Rollbag "Jumbo XXL"
16 x Roll bag Uhlmann "Twin"
10 x Uhlmann Weapon pocket
6 x Allstar or Uhlmann Universal detector "FMA 001"
7 x Carbine-hook
6 x Cable for cable role 20m
1 x Blade Protection hose Epee
2 x Cup Epee
2 x Cup "Uhlmann"
2 x Special sight transparent masks AMIS-T, AMIFL-T, T-AMICFL
2 x Fencing Game set for Children
2 x Foil Connecting Cable
2 x Mask Tester
2 x Towel "Uhlmann"
2 x Cup Foil
2 x Insulate tape TESA 50m
3 x Towel "Allstar"
2 x Bath Towel "Allstar"
2 x Special adhesive tape
2 x Adhesive Tape
2 x Renewal foil mask bib
2 x Sabre S2000 electric
1 x Bath Towel "Uhlmann"
1 x Sabre Connecting Cable
1 x Replacement visor transparent masks
1 x Blade Protection hose Sabre
1 x Blade Protection hose Sabre
1 x Blade Protection hose Sabre
1 x Leg-protection
1 x Push-pillow
1 x Replacement mask padding
1 x Foot Protection
1 x Name Print Metal west
1 x additional colour
1 x Name printing Fencing jacket
1 x Printing of National Colors
1 x Mask Logo
1 x Fastening device
1 x Adhesive Tape "Red"
1 x Fencing piste
1 x Insulate tape TESA 2.75m
1 x Special glue Bostik
1 x Polishing stone
1 x Tool-bag
1 x Allstar or Uhlmann Test box
1 x Allstar Test device "Extra"
1 x Uhlmann Test device "Microtester"
1 x Testdevice "Profi"
1 x FIE Lame Tester 500g
1 x FIE Mask tester
1 x Tool bag with contents

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FIE Sabre Mask 1600N electric

inclusive Connecting cable

CE EN 13567 Niveau 2

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