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Designing sacral spaces is a responsible task for our company. We collaborate with many well-known artists. Beside the creation itself we act as a consultant. Different styles of sacral spaces emerged from our past projects. Every sacral space requires an individual combination of design, materials and techniques. Independent of its style every element in a sacral room, e.g. altar, ambo or sedilia, gives distinction to the appearance of a sacral space in a very unique way.
Altar Dom Aachen
Altar made of stone and metal - Altar of sandstone and bronze in combination
Contrasts combined - Travertinmensa with steel substructure
Modern bench - Seat made of Anröchter-Dolomit -  church Herne
Natural stone combination - Altar and Ambo made of muschelkalk and sandstone
Snow white marble altar from Thasso marble of the church Enningerloh
Sacred room of the church Anna-Katharina
Sandstone as wall element - Sacred room of the church Gelenberg with wall panels made of sandstone
Puristic design - Altar and Ambo made of Jura marble
Priest's seat - Priest's seat in the church of Hallenberg
Altar - Modern altar in the chuch of Krirchenlingen
Altar and Ambo - Altar and Ambo of the church Marl in the same style
Monastery church of Gerleve - Sacred room made of granite and sandstone