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Bathroom - Exclusive bathroom design
Outstanding characteristics of natural stone are its high quality and sustainability. It is not only applicable inside buildings but also in outdoor areas. Due to the high variety of different natural stones with which our company is experienced with we are capable of creating individual designs for e.g. bathes, faces of buildings, floors, stairs or furniture. This allows the stones to appear in a natural and timeless beauty. Our extensive experience in working with natural stone and the cooperation with our customers ensure a high quality of our creations.
Parapet cover - Curved parapet cover Jura marble
Washbasin - Contemporary washbasin from a solid piece
Facade - Modern facade architecture
Garden design - Stairs and walls as a garden structure
Glass and sandstone - Construction of a branch building
Elements for Facade
Modern ambience - indoor pool surrounded by natural stone
Elevator cladding made of Baumberger
Sandstone masonry - Fracture material as masonry
Staircase detail - simple staircase design with Jura marble