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Corset guidance

Did you never wear a corset but do you want to try, without any buying obligation, how it feels and looks on you? Then here is the right place for you. We give you professional corset advice what kind of patterns fit your figure the best and help you to choose the right corset size.

There is a huge variety of corsets and every corset newbie has a lot of questions. What should you consider before buying a corset? What is the difference between a waist cincher and an underbust corset and how should you choose between them? What kind of corset should you prefer for pushing up a smaller bust and forming a nice cleavage? On the contrary, which corset fits the best if you want to rather conceal a large bust?

For questions like these and many other, we can give you an answer within an individual corset guidance session held in our rooms exclusively for you. Alternatively, you may invite some corset interested friends to you at home and give a corset party. In the latter case, we will visit you and bring corsets for every guest for testing.

Does it sound interesting? If the answer is yes, please fill in the contact form below. If you wish a call, please give also your phone number.

Should you have any questions to an order in process, please fill in our regular contact form.

In order to choose the right corset size for you, please give your
real, uncorsetted measurements in centimetres:

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  2) Fullest bust measurement (cm):  
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You can call us at +49 (0) 6105 / 454413!

Should you not receive our answer within 3 working days please check your spam folder!