"Our First Aid Course in English Language"

A heart attack at home, the traffic accident on the way to school, a sports injury in leisure time - in an emergency the casualty requires quick aid. Often, the survival of the victim depends on courageous intervention and good first aid knowledge. We show you, how it works!

Our courses are renowned for providing a quality learning experience offering hands-on practical training that leave first aiders feeling confident to use their skills in a real life situation.

All slides and explanations of the instructor will be in English language.

Leider sind an diesem Kursort derzeit keine Kurse dieses Typs geplant. Termine für weitere Kurse erfahren Sie unter Tel.: 0711 / 80 68 713.
70 Euro per person
Due to the specific measures to minimize the risk of an infection in our courses, we had to adjust the costs for our first aid classes. The English course is 70,00 Euro per person, now.
Theory and a lot of hands-on practical training including
  • Unconsciousness
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Rapid defibrillation with AED
  • Shock
  • Life-threatening bleedings
This course is valid for driving licence applicants for all classes, for trainer licences, and first aiders at work. The course is approved by all German employer's liability insurance associations.
The course is about 9 lessons long with 45 minutes each.
Please bring your passport with you.